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Think you might have ghosts?

Do you have things disappear then show up later in
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Do you see shadows moving from the corner of your eye?
Do doors open & shut by themselves?
Do lights go on & off by themselves?
We respect your privacy and the sensitivity
of your situation, please do not give out
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We understand this can be a scary and
stressful situation, we are here to help.
At no time would we ever ask very personal
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How do we conduct our investigation process?

Once our case manager receives your email or form from this page the process has begun. IF there are children
in the home, your case will immediately move to the top of the list. Our case manager will reach out to you via
email or phone contact and get as much information from you as they can.

Once the phone interview is finished a small team will come in to your home or business and do a preliminary
investigation. Some photos, audio and baseline readings will be done at this time. This normally takes roughly to
one to two hours to complete. This will help us determine what other equipment and other team members need
to be brought in. A full investigation will be set up within a week from this pre-lim.

During our investigation you can choose to stay on location or leave. Most of our clients will stay and talk with
our client liaison. Clients can see exactly what's happening and ask any questions to our liaison. This really helps
put our clients at ease and they do enjoy it. This also helps our team too, as if there are any questions specific to
the case the clients is there and sometimes we even ask that the client participate in certain areas of our
investigation. Our  investigations generally last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, depending on activity. Depending on
the case and activity, the investigation may take place over a few nights or on an on-going basis.
Again...this all depends on activity.

Most all of our investigations take place on either a Friday or Saturday night.