Est 2006
Evidence Captured
This EVP is a very clear Class A. It was captured at one of the Kirkland properties in downtown Harriman, TN.
It's clearly a man speaking and says "The Local Raillroad." Both men on our team were not even in the area when this was captured.

Captured by: Kristy Coppinger
This is in another one of the Kirkland properties still under construction.
Our investigator Chris had set up a laser grid and was doing an EVP session when this was captured.
You can clearly see the lights of the grid move as well as the whole grid moved. No one was near the laser at the time as both
investigators were well behind the grid.

Captured by: Chris Gaylon
Kirkland Properties
427, 516 & 518 N. Roane Street in Harriman, TN

May 19, 2018
This photo was take by: Kelsey Meyer while on one of our
Ghost Walks in October of 2018.
This is from the old Roane Medical Center in the alley.
These doors go into the small courtyard that is the newer building.

Do you see the face in the left side door?
Below is a close up of that section.
Do you see it now?